8 Stunning Haircuts for Gray Hair for over 50

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Highlights and lowlights are the most stylish way to style gray hair that is about shoulder length or longer.

1. Natural Gray with Highlights.

Adding small amounts of purple to a gray color can make it a lot more interesting. It's cool, young, and different.

2. Subtle Lavender Undertones.

This gray hair is mostly one length at the bottom, but it is layered and thinned out all the way down to give it more texture.

3. Trendy Medium-Length Shag.

The amazing metallic shine of layered gray hairstyles makes them look otherworldly indoors and outdoors.

4. Layered Gray Lob.

In the past, gray hair might have been a sign of old age, but now it's a trend of the NEW age! 

5. Shoulder-Length Hair with Money Pieces.

Short gray hair with a beautiful mix of salt and pepper colors is a fashion statement for the brave and young at heart.

6. Gray Messy Pixie Bob.

Accept your natural gray hair color and bring out its beauty with a silver balayage. Use layers to add movement and depth.

7. Gray Hair with Balayage and Layers.

In balayage highlights, short gray hairstyles that are in style often use colors like graphite and ash.

8. Gray Lob with Highlights. 

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