8 Side Effects of Drinking Carbonated Water

Pure, plain carbonated water is still water, and if you have trouble drinking enough plain water throughout the day, it can help you stay hydrated.

1. You'll improve hydration

Carbonated water seems more fun to drink than plain water because it bubbles. Adding flavor does the same thing.

2. You may enjoy drinking water more

Because the CO2 is trapped in the water, you swallow more air when you drink carbonated water than when you eat or drink anything else.

3. It may bloat your belly

Even though carbonated water has no calories, a few studies have shown that drinking it with or without artificial sweeteners may cause weight gain and a higher body mass index.

4. You might gain weight

Zero-calorie diet soda is essentially carbonated water with coloring and an artificial sweetener added. For decades, millions of dieters have substituted it for sugary drinks, and some studies have shown weight loss.

5. You may lose weight

Yes, drinking carbonated water without sugar can cause cavities, but not as much as drinking a lot of soda.

6. It may erode your teeth

When the summer sun is hot and you're sweating, you can rehydrate by drinking either plain water or water with bubbles. 

7. It may make you more alert

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