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8 Best Bridal Updo Hairstyles Perfect for Your Wedding

2. The Wavy Bun:

This is one of the best simple yet elegant updo hairstyles for brides. The hair should be put into a simple bun, and then some hair should be pulled out and arranged in a wave.

3. The High Low Rolls:

The high-low rolls are a look that celebrities like to wear. These are also very fancy.

4. The Messed Hairdo:

These updo bridal hairstyles have a messy look that makes them look like they belong on a celebrity. People love these kinds of messy buns, and even young people like to wear .

5. Waterfall Bunch:

While wearing a classic bridal updo, waterfall braids don't have to be as hard to do as they look. One of these types is the cascade waterfall, which makes you look classy .

6. The Vintage Rolls:

If your hair is about shoulder length, try these victory rolls. They go with soft waves that are made all the way down the length of your hair.

7. The Pin Bunch:

This fun and modern 1940s-style classic bridal updo is very easy to do. You'll only need your long hair, some rubber bands, and some pins.

8. The Waved Puffed Look:

This style is a classic bridal updo: the hair is half up and half rolled. And anyone can get this wavy, puffy look quickly by buying a few rollers at one .

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