7 Wedding Hairstyles That Look Perfect With a Veil

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Embrace Your Natural Curl

Embrace Your Natural Curl

Embrace Your Natural Curl

Aveil completes your bridal hairstyle after your gown. Before you walk down the aisle, one crucial concern arises: What will I do with my hair? Most bridal hairstyles work with veils, but location is crucial.

This bride let her big curls take center stage by tying her veil a few inches below her crown. We love how the textured dress and gown go so well with her natural coils.

Curls Galore

We can't decide if we like this bride's trendy straight cut or her long, flowing veil more. The style is very girly and sweet.

All the Romance

Carly Cushnie, a fashion designer, put a veil on the back of her head. This made her hair stand out. The volume of Cushnie's veil balances out the height of her hair.

A Curly Crop

Under her hood, actress Carlson Young wore a fishtail braid that was soft and pretty. Her full fringe gives the outfit a very French girl feel.

Fringe Benefits

Short hair, don't care. A veil can still be worn perfectly with pixie cuts.

Pixie Length

This bride's big bun and beautiful halo of white flowers made her look very romantic, and she topped it off with a bright veil.

Floral Accoutrements

Don't worry about turning up the noise. Instead of a tight ponytail, go for romantic pieces that are loose.

Loosen Up

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