6 Best Hairstyles for Wedding Guests Over 50

Hey guys! Let's talk about hair transformations as we age. Styling our hair for special events like weddings can be quite a task, am I right?

Well, fear not! Whether you rock short, medium, or long locks, there's a style out there that will suit you perfectly. Keep slaying those hair goals!

The pixie cut is the go-to when you need a style that's low maintenance. There isn't a lot of preparation involved in getting ready for a wedding. Apply some hairspray, comb it out, and you're good to go. 

1. Pixie Haircut

A few blonde or auburn highlights in long brown hair are a gorgeous addition. We adore how she kept her wedding hairstyle low and natural with just a little highlighting around the face.

2. Beautiful Long Brown Hair

You can have fun with your hairstyle as a wedding guest by doing a pretty side braid and putting on a hat with big flowers. It looks great for a spring or summer wedding outside.

3. Hat With Large Flowers

For a more classic or traditional look, try a beautiful updo with loosely tousled ringlet curls, bangs, and soft tendrils of hair around the ears. It's a classic way for wedding guests to wear their hair. 

4. Updo With Curls

Going with your normal hairstyle is another simple way to wear your hair at a wedding. This older woman has a side part, wispy bangs, and big curls at the bottom of her hair to make it look fuller.

5. Blonde Shoulder Length Hair

This look is great! This older woman is definitely a style diva. She just needed to sweep her long, beautiful hair to the side and put on a bold red lip to go with her dramatic dress.

6. Glamorous Long Side-Swept Wedding Hairstyle

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