5 Pieces of Clothing Every Woman Over 40 Should Own

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At this point, you've got your own style down pat. (Good job, younger you.) Now, you need to think carefully about what you want to buy instead of just grabbing something from a fast-fashion rack

Here are five wardrobe basics that you'll never regret buying because they're classic, high-quality, and will stop you from feeling like you have nothing to wear.

1.  An Investment Handbag

You will never regret buying a timeless tote, especially one that gets better with age . Stick to colors that are fairly neutral, like black, beige, navy, or gray, to keep your beautiful arm candy from looking old.

2. A Trench Coat

The classic style works for all seasons and goes with almost any outfit. Because of this, it's the perfect go-to topper to keep by the door for when you're running late.

3. Power Shoes You Can Walk In

If you trip over your stilettos on the way in, it's hard to act like you own the room. You should only wear shoes that make you feel like a total boss if you can move around in them.

4. A Bra That Truly Fits

Your girls have been through a lot in the past 40 years, including puberty, pregnancy, and Whole30, so the bras you bought five years ago are probably not the right size anymore.

5. A Dress That Makes You Feel Confident As Hell

Whether that means showing off your décolletage like Susan Sarandon or just wearing something that hits you in all the right places, a feel-good frock will do the trick.

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