4 Easy Ways to De-Age Your Lips & Make Them Look Younger

Everyone I know who is a woman chooses the first option. But if we're not careful, we could end up with the second one.

As we get older, our lips start to sag and get wrinkles, which are signs of aging. This happens because as we age, our skin loses its elasticity.

Since the skin on our lips is much thinner than the skin on other parts of our body, this happens to our lips first.

We also stop making as much collagen, which makes the skin around our lips drier and flatter and causes fine lines and wrinkles around the edges.

We're all familiar with primer for our faces. It's a necessary first step that will smooth out your skin and make a perfect base for your foundation. 

Mistake #1: You’re not using Lip Primer

Most older women have trouble with feathering. That happens when your lipstick gets into the lines and creases around your mouth. 

Mistake #2: You don’t use Lip Liner

Like I said at the start, one thing that happens as we age is that our lips lose their elasticity. We can help with this by recommending two items. 

Mistake #3: You let your lips go flat

When women want to look younger, they often make the mistake of doing what younger people do.

Mistake #4: You try to go younger with shimmer

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