11 Overlooked Fashion Tips for Women Over 60

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Even if you don't think so, your hairstyle is a big part of your style. The wrong hairstyle can make you look older, ruin your style, and make you feel less than your best.

1. Update Your Hairstyle

2. Be Picky About Trends and Avoid the Ones Aimed at the Younger Generation

3. Choose a Luxe Texture Over Too Many Patterns

4. Accentuate What You Like and Camouflage What You’re Insecure About

5. Evaluate Your Skin and See if You Need New Products

6. Choose a Simple and Clean Purse

7. Keep Clothing Items Clean and Simple

8. Avoid Orthopedic Shoes if You Can Help It

9. Invest in High-Quality Accessories

10. Add a Splurge Designer Accessory to Your Outfit

11. Don’t Be Afraid To Take Chances (You’re Not “Too” Old)

8 Haircuts You Won’t Regret 

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