Secrets to Styling Naturally Curly Hair

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Curly hair can be the hardest to manage because it needs moisture, oils, and conditioning all the time.

Embrace Your Natural Curl

The more curly your hair is, the more that S shape will coil and can even turn into a zig-zag pattern.

Know Your Curl Pattern

It takes a lot less time and gives great results that last longer. It also gives your hair better heat quality, which helps your curls stay in place between styles. 

Invest in a Ceramic Flat Iron

Curly hair is usually dry, so it is sensitive to humid air because it wants to soak up moisture. 

Fight Humidity

Think about natural oils, too. Taking a few drops of natural oils like neem oil, amla oil, coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil works well alone or in combination.

Consider Natural Oils

When used wrong, the blow dryer can be a curly girl's worst nightmare. Let hair air dry as long as possible, then use a diffuser to dry hair with a blow dryer. 

Know How to Use a Blowdryer

After you brush your hair, it will likely puff up into a bunch of curls. Just wait until right before bed to brush your hair and give it a fresh look.

Don't Throw Out Your Brush

Most people put product on the top of their heads, which can make hair feel heavy, but if you have curly hair, your hands will be your best friend. 

Know How to Distribute Product Through Hair

If your hair is wet and you put a band around it while it's still wet, it's a great way to "flatten" the hair at the crown while keeping the curls at the ends.

Grab a Headband

For example, you shouldn't get bangs because longer hair looks better than shorter hair, and it's not true that you need a curly hair expert to cut your hair.

Get the Right Haircut

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