10 Refreshing Curly Hairstyles For Women Over 60

Even though men usually have curtain cuts, women can rock them even better. It has a fringe that falls on both sides of the face like curtains and is parted in the middle.

1. Curtain Cut

Curly bangs are good for older women who want to hide a wide forehead or a receding hairline, or for younger women who want to spice up their look without losing length. 

2. Curly Bangs

This curly, asymmetrical hairstyle is good for women over 60 who aren't afraid to make bold choices. Get a cut where one side is much longer than the other and there is a jagged fringe in front.

3. Asymmetrical Hairdo

It's smart to choose elegant hairstyles that match your age, but bold is also beautiful. Cover your white curly bob with a violet-purple tint, and don't worry about any patches.

4. Purple Play

Cut the curls into layers so that they fall around the face like a fluffy cloud. Choose a round cut or just cut the front hairs and leave the rest at shoulder length.

5. Layered Fluff

Even if a woman is 60 years old and has a full head of thick hair, she can show it off with a low-maintenance shag with uneven, choppy layers that give the head a lot of movement. 

6. Two-Toned Shag

People often think that the retro hairstyle called a "bowl cut" looks best on straight hair, but it also looks great on curly hair. 

7. Bowl Cut

Black women over 60 with thick black 3a/3b curls can give their hair a new look by adding soft layers and a U or V cut. 

8. Curly Glory

Cover them up with a rich auburn hair color and get a new chin-length bob haircut with fluffy bangs. Ask for subtle layers to avoid a blunt look, and you won't be sorry!

9. Auburn Bob

Using slightly different shades of blonde on top of a dark base creates a beautiful mix of light, medium, and dark strands that are sure to get people's attention.

10. Multi-Tonal Highlights

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