8 Haircuts You Won’t Regret

This is a cute, girly cut that will work for you if you want to cut your hair short but care more about style than function. 

1. The long pixie

With a full fringe, you can cut your hair short but still have more hair around your face. It works well for women who feel best with bangs or who want to hide bad brows or forehead lines without using Botox. 

2. The crop with bangs

The long swoop-over effect at the hairline is the key to this cropped cut. It has a tousled look and feathery pieces at the nape, which are both signs of modern short hair.

3. The swoopy shortie

This short haircut is always cool and looks good on everyone. The blunt cut at the bottom and chin-length (give or take an inch) make a bob the best hairstyle for thickening fine or thin hair.

4. The classic bob

This laid-back version of the bob is piece-ier, or what salon pros call a “shattered” or “messy” bob.

5. The layered bob

Young women are more likely than ever to get haircuts with lots of layers, bangs, and a "shaggy" or "bedhead" look. 

6. The polished shag

A lob is the entry point to long hair, hovering between the mid-neck and collarbone. By cutting a few stringy, thin, damaged inches off the bottom, your hair looks healthier.

7. The long bob or “lob”

Some lob fans like the hair around the top of the head to be more chiseled or sculpted, with a few well-placed layers to draw attention to features and make the cut more unique.

8. The split-level lob

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