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We at Shu Feng always try our best to provide our users with the best and most authentic Taiwanese recipes and food tips. Still, while providing content, mistakes or errors can happen. So, in that case, we look forward to hearing from our users.

If you have found any error or mistake in our content or have issues with our content, you can mail us at Contacttovb{at}gmail(dot)com

Your suggestions and feedback are also welcomed.

Shu Feng, St Louis, is now serving people online with their authentic Taiwanese and Korean food recipes after winning the heart of people at their physical location in St Louis.

We aim to provide our users, who want to try authentic Taiwanese food from the comfort of their homes, with the best and most accurate Taiwanese food recipes along with Korean food recipes. So now you don’t even have to step out for authentic Taiwanese food but rather make it at your home.

Our chefs provide the tested, tried, curated, and most accurate recipes on this website, so you surely know you can’t go wrong with our food recipes and tips.

On this website, you will find all kinds of Taiwanese food recipes, from appetizers to main courses. Along with that, you will also find Korean food recipes and food tips.

We always try our best to give the right content. Still, if you find any error, mistake, or problem in the content, you can mail us and provide suggestions and feedback.

Mail us at Contacttovb{at}gmail(dot)com

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