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11 Food Things You Can Make with a KitchenAid Mixer

    Things You Can Make with a KitchenAid Mixer

    You can cook meals, sides, desserts, and more for your family or a large group with the aid of a KitchenAid mixer. Maybe the equipment in your house that sees the most use is your KitchenAid mixer.

    For sure, you’ll want to use your stand mixer to produce sweets like meringue and cake batter, but don’t you know that a KitchenAid is capable of so much more? So if you are curious about things you can make with a Kitchenaid mixer, we are here to help.

    We have mentioned the 11 best things that you can make with the help of Kitchenaid mixer. So why wait? Let’s get started!

    11 Food Things You Can Make with a Kitchenaid Mixer

    From sweet to savory, these are 11 recipes you should cook with your KitchenAid mixer immediately.

    1) Cinnamon Roll Bread

    Warm, gooey cinnamon roll bread is the ideal comfort food for a chilly morning or a festive dinner. Layers of brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter are folded inside and covered with a delightful glaze between bread and sweets. Then, with your KitchenAid® stand mixer and attachments, make homemade cinnamon roll bread.

    2) KitchenAid Mashed Potatoes

    The process of mashing potatoes is simple. You can even do it with a fork! What if you are preparing it for a large group? Here comes the KitchenAid mixer into play. Just place the boiling potatoes in the bowl, and it will do the rest.

    Not only will it quickly mash the potatoes, but it will also make them fluffy!

    3) Meatballs

    While preparing a large number of meatballs might be difficult on your wrists. Conserve energy by allowing a stand mixer to handle a portion of the job.

    Combine the breadcrumbs, eggs, spices, and other ingredients from your preferred recipe in a mixing dish. To incorporate the ingredients, use the paddle attachment at a low speed. Finally, stir the meat lightly but completely into the mixture.

    4) Guacamole

    The days of hand-mixing your favorite chip dip are passed. Instead, combine half the avocados, lime juice, and your chosen spices in a stand mixer to make guacamole. 

    To mix, use the paddle attachment at a medium pace. Next, add diced tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and any other ingredients you choose.

    5) Scrambled eggs

    We are aware that scrambled eggs are really simple to prepare by hand. Yet, while preparing a large batch for guests, you will enjoy the strength of your stand mixer. 

    Just crack the eggs into the mixing bowl, attach the whisk attachment, and add milk and spices to taste. Mix for about a minute until the eggs are airy and frothy.

    6) Homemade Pasta

    Making your own pasta from home takes some effort, but the end product is well worth it. With the Pasta Press Attachment, your KitchenAid makes it simpler than ever to produce scrumptious handmade pasta, including spaghetti, rigatoni, bucatini, fusilli, and even macaroni!

    7) Lasagna filling

    Although making lasagna is a labor of love, it need not take many hours. You may save time by using a stand mixer to whip up at least one of the fillings. 

    Make the cheese layer by mixing ricotta, eggs, mozzarella, and other cheeses together on medium speed using a paddle attachment.

    8) Banana Bread

    Banana bread is a popular dessert that can be tailored to your preferences and is equally at home as part of a breakfast buffet or a sweet after-dinner treat. 

    The easy banana bread recipe is perfect for a stand mixer and may serve as a springboard for experimentation with other ingredients like dried fruit, chocolate chips, chopped nuts, spices, and more.

    9) Marshmallows

    Handmade marshmallows are SO MUCH superior to store-bought marshmallows. And with the assistance of your stand mixer, they are not too difficult to prepare.

    After bringing all the ingredients to a boil, dump the liquid into a stand mixer and beat on high until the mixture becomes thick and doubles in size.

    10) Various Kinds of Dips

    No appetizer presentation is complete without a delicious dip, but chopping and combining all of those components takes time. To expedite the process, use your stand mixer. 

    For example, while preparing spinach and artichoke dip, combine cream cheese, mozzarella, spices, and other foundation ingredients until smooth. Next, include spinach, artichokes, and more vegetables. You may prepare a creamy but chunky dip that is ready to bake in only minutes.

    11) Pulled Pork

    Make pulled pork without the hassle by shredding the meat in a stand mixer. To shred heated meat with the paddle attachment, turn the mixer on low. 

    Cutting the roast into manageable chunks is a must before shredding it since a complete roast in the bowl can cause the appliance to jam.

    Bottom Line

    These are some of the things that you can make with a Kitchenaid mixer. Of course, the KitchenAid mixer can do more than these 11 functions, and you can take more work from your Kitchenaid mixer that you got as a gift at your marriage. Just kidding. Overall, KitchenAid is a must-have product that can make your kitchen work easy and help you with various things. 

    We hope you found this article helpful & informative. Please leave your valuable thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

    Thank you for reading!

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